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Welcome to the Team

Les in Blur Photo from Santa Pod

We are a championship winning team, having won three championships so far in Les' career, and are the current champions for the Top-Gas class at the end of the 2009 Season.

The team is a focused and refined team, with a proven history of working well together.

Were pleased with the support we receive from both our sponsors and our followers, but are always looking to add to our support.

Over the winter our main bike Tilly 3 will be being revamped for the start of next season, and we will be continuing the build of our new bike which we are hoping to showcase next season.

The new people adecs have only been on the job for a short time, so only some basic stuff is working at the moment, but you will be surprised what we have in the pipeline for your viewing pleasure. :)

Most Recent 15 News Items:

24/05/2011: 2011 Season - Round 1 Completed

At the end of Round 1 the summaries are now up, as well as the current points.

23/05/2011: Slims Street ET Drag Bike - Part 6

Thursday before round 1 at SCR, it?s 5 o?clock and I?m at Airfx paint shop to pick up Henry?s newly painted body parts.

The evil looking nose fairing is in the paint booth, drying off, it looks alive, just the look I was after.

After thanking Darren, for all his hard work, it was off, to refit all the parts, and get loaded up ready for an early start in the morning. Slim saw the now complete bike, and, was over the moon. Sorted.

Friday morning, bright and early

Transit is fully loaded, and ready. Slim has got the worse pre race nerves, I have ever seen, man, bitch from hell or what!

We went to Avelease and picked up, the away caravan, it wasn?t until, we were passed Bury St Edmunds, and, on the A14, that Slim talked(nicely) to me, "babe, I think I am a little nervous" (no shit) "really darling, I hadn?t noticed"!!!!!

We had a good run to Shakey, got to track just before 2. Got pitted in the SET, pit,after parking in the gas pit first, ah, old habits. It was very windy, overcast, and chilly, still, it was so good to be back, at the track, and, meet up with everyone again.

Steve Hill checked the Harris Honda, and Slim's helmet/clothing etc, armed with a pass, it was off to sign on, that was very strange, Slim signing on as the racer, and, myself as crew. The rest of the evening was spent, chilling with friends, mint.

Saturday, Qualifying

Sunshine, and a tail wind. That will do.

Slim, was feeling much better, no where near as, nervous, and looking forward to running.

First qualifying round, now, what should we (yes we) dail in? All I wanted Slim to do is an a to b, pass, no pressure. Right 15 it is.

Very good first pass, 14.8. We can work from that. Slim was happy, and, having fun, enjoying the rush.

Qualifying Round 2: Dial time 14.60

I felt nervous about this one, and, as it turned out rightly so, Slim, stalled on the line, restarted Henry, and, then gave it far to much, throttle, lit up the tyre, and was wheel spinning sideways towards the tree, but, stayed with it, missed the tree, and carried on with the run, well ridden, but, temper/temper, now, I know I did, the same when I lost traction, the last time I raced at SCR, this must be a case off, please, do as I say, not, as i do. Still no breakout, 16.98 run.

When, I got back to the pits, on the Meercats bmx(thanx Joe) Slim was pumped, and still smiling, good girl.

Qualifying round 3: Dial in 14.70

Slim did a very good run, 14.97, nice one! This put Slim in p4 spot, fourth out of six, not bad at all.

Sunday - Race Day

Sunshine to start, overcast/windy rain shower, sunshine.

Slim was in a good race head mode, a little nervous, but ok and loving it.

Early afternoon, Round1 Slim 14.80 dial in vs Mr Clamp 11.40 dial in. All honda first round.

It was a really good race, Slim ran a15.39, Mr Clamp a 11.32, so, breakout, Slims first race win, was she chuffed, oh yes.

Round 2 of Eliminations

After a short rain shower Slims first bye run into her first final. Dial in 14.80.

A good run with no pressure, and a time of 15.17.

The Final

What a weekend so far for Slim, getting to the final. Took me years to do that!

Slims dial in. We went back to 15.00, as she hadn't dropped into the fourteens, all day and it could be close at the top end. Slim was against Martin Brookes, on his lovely Suzuki TLR 1000, his dial in 10.70.

Slim left first, and was on it, big time, Martin had it all to do, chasing Slim. However Slim got there first and ran a 14.86, big breakout, so Martin took the win, with a 11.17.

Another first for Slim she lost. Still what a weekend for her, well done to Martin, top man, and welcome back to NAST.

We got packed up, just in time, for Slim to collect her cup.

We left our caravan in the compound, that saves us towing it 360 plus miles, and set off home.

Top weekend for team Harris racing.

As always, I took some pics, as did Peter Donaldson, of Slims close up look at the tree, nice shots, thanks Peter.


See you all at Ladies that Launch.

Regards, Leso

27/04/2011: Slims Honda - Part 5: Testing Testing

As you know from part 4, The Harris Honda called Henry is ready to go to the paint shop. However we decide to go testing first to make sure all of our hard work was worth while.

So off we went to Pod, to a RWYB. We were very lucky that the weather was on our side, the track was as always superb, also i was suprised that there wasn't many people running so we had lots of track time. This was the first time on a preped track for Slim.

After the first 4 runs it was back to pits for a site meeting,a cuppa tea, a roll up and to do a few adjustments to Henry, the problem we had, was not only, was Slim nervous, and got caught out by so much grip, i had to calm slim down it was like she was trying to set a new world record and run the fastest time ever on her first couple of passes.

This worked and a very chilled slim went back out to put together some nice passes, 11 runs in all, with a new PB 14.34 at 87.36 mph. We are very happy with the gearing as we are now going over the finish line in top gear. It was a big learning curve for Slim and she did very very well, however there is still a very long way to go.

We left the track at 4 o clock, and Slim slept all the way home, just shows how much 11 runs can take out of you.

Rewind, Rewind

Before we went testing we had a stroke of luck, i called into see Darren at Air Fx custom paint shop, as you know the nose fairring is very alien looking, and is crying out for a set of eyes which would need air brushing after a long chat over a cup of coffee, Darren kindly offered to paint the whole bike for free, we would both like to thank him very much, so as we speak all the body parts are with Darren at Air Fx.

Entry has been sent in for round 1 at shakey which will be Slim's first race meeting.

See you all There.

Regards, Leso

27/03/2011: Slims Set Drag Bike Part 4

We are getting there now, all bodywork is fitted, next week we are getting the paint.

Wheels are painted, new disc fitted, brakes rebuilt, new pads, new brake lines.

Kill switch wired up, and working. New gearing fitted, just waiting for the chain which should be here on Monday.

I have got the metal for the chain guard, which I will make once the chain is on.

The rear struts, have been on the mill, they now look so much better, very pleased with them.

We are going to pod, in the next couple of weeks, so slim can do some runs, and make sure everything is ok.

After testing, the paint is going on. Then remove centre stand. Put on all the sponsor stickers, sorted.

This has been so much fun, and has come together very well, and proves one can build a cheap Street ET bike.

So far I would like to thank:

  • HQ Fibre Products.
  • CS Engineering.
  • Earls Performance.
  • ebay.

Regards, Leso

02/02/2011: Updating the Website More This Years Plans To Update the Website More Regularly

First things first: over the last six months, I haven?t done much work to this website, as a lot of other things have been going on in my life. This is going to change as from now, so stay tuned.

Our plans for the up and coming 2011 drag racing season

We, slim and I, will be running two bikes, in the SuperTwins championship over seven rounds, at Shakey and Pod. Slim in her first season, will be in Street ET on her Honda CB 500, and I will be in top gas on my Suzuki TL 1040.

As you know, we didn?t produce any race calendars for 2011 (for lots of reasons) which is a great shame. So, we haven?t got the much needed funds that they generated. So this year we will racing with no saved funds at all! As you all know the price of fuel, which seems to be going up daily, our biggest problem will getting to the tracks and back. However, drag racing is in the blood, and we will be there.

I haven?t had to do very much work to Tilly 3, as we did so much to her last year, but Slims Honda, named Henry, is having a make over. See the story about Henry so far below.

21/01/2011: Slims Street ET Drag Bike - Part 3

Over the Chirstmas break, Chris found time to extend the swing arm by 6 inches. What a top job he has made of it.

No step by step pics where taken as Chris just fired in and got the job done, which helped me as the bike was sat on my bench lift and I needed it off for another bike. The arm was cleaned up and sprayed satin black as was the back wheel.

I used worth paint, its not cheap at 9 a can but it covers so well and lasts. One can did the arm and wheel.

I fitted the arm and made two struts out of ali which cost me 3, not bad as I sold the OEM shocks for 18. The struts are 11/2 ins shorter than the shocks, which worked out to be spot on as Henry sits just right.

Now slim can get both feet on the ground with ease, sorted.

Henry is now looking the part, and will be much better to ride.

Kill switch is on order, and the single seat unit/nose fairing are having there final cutting/fitting.

We are getting there and its good fun. As always, here are some photos.

Part 4 coming your way soon.

Regards, Leso

29/11/2010: Henry The Honda CB500 - Slims NAST Street ET Drag Bike - Part 2

If you saw part 1, on the NAST site, you will know that the day after the sprint at Woodbrigde Henry was stripped down, all the parts we don?t need where removed, and sold on eBay, to help offset the cost of the rebuild.

I was lucky to get Henry for 800 with a full MOT, on the road. We used it in the summer, as our run about, and did a lot of miles.

The idea was always for slim to race it in SET, now we could have just taped the lights etc and raced it, and still used it on the road, but I feel it?s much more fun to change it. As we work on it, I will keep you updated with pics, in the hope it will help others sort there bikes and come into Street ET.

So The Plan Is:

Make Henry lower/lighter/longer, and much better to look at. Looks are in my book a big part of drag racing, and it doesn?t take that much effort to make look the part.

Parts we have removed:

  • Headlamp
  • Horn
  • Seat
  • Grabrail
  • Seat unit
  • Rear light
  • Mirrors
  • Indicators

have been sold on ebay, and brought in 122.22 to help fund the changes, not bad at all.

New Parts We Are Going To Fit:

  • Single seat unit, in glass fibre
  • Carbon nose fairing (same as black racer)
  • both items are going to be made by HQ Fibre products

Swing arm to be extended by 6 inches, my mate Chris Sadd is doing this work, with step by step pics.

Rear shocks are also going on ebay, we are fitting struts, this will help slim get used to a hardtail, for when she moves on to my gas bike Tilly 3. A kill switch and pro light will also be fitted. A new chain guard and some s/s brake lines. The 2 into 1 motad exhaust system will stay as it is. As you all know, we will be noise tested next season.

Henry will also get new paint, guess what colour? First correct answer on the back of a 20 note, will win a prize!

That?s it for now, part 3 will follow soon.

Regards, Leso

23/10/2010: Sprint at woodbrige ? Slim?s first meeting

Saturday 23rd October

We got up at 5 am. Henry the Honda was already loaded in the transit whilst we got ready to set off at 7.30 in the heavy rain.

Got to the track at 9am, and fortunately the rain had nearly stopped, but we were left with a still very overcast and damp day. It was good to be back at a Sprint, a cheap day out and good fun.

Slim, bless her, was a little nervous (and who wouldn?t be) but very keen to get going. So after saying hello to everyone we unloaded Henry, which is our Honda CB 500 1998 road bike, and now is Slim?s Street ET drag bike. I had removed both mirrors, taped up the lights etc. Our good friend and fellow scruteeneer Doc Murray checked and passed Henry. Doc Murray runs the Sprint, and does a fine job of it. NAST members Mike and Siliva Nelthorpe where also there with there lovely carbon 250, which now has nos on it as well. What could possibly go wrong (I will tell you later). Racing did not get under way until 2pm; the problem was moss on the track which was holding water.

The sun came out and the track was good to go, with a head/side wind.

I did a couple of runs first and Henry ran very well indeed. It was now Slim?s turn, who looked the part in her new leathers/boots/gloves and helmet, and her orange novice vest.

Slim did very well, and after 4 runs, startline Pete asked for the Orange vest back, good girl. She completed 9 runs in total with a Personal Best of 15.40 at 87.65 mph. Not bad with stock gearing, and flat out in 3rd over the line.

The first 3 runs where:

  • ET 22.87
  • ET 20.36
  • ET 21.71

The next 4 where perfect set runs:

  • ET 16.13
  • ET 16.07
  • ET 16.02
  • ET 16.10

The last 2 where:

  • ET 15.69
  • ET 15.40

I think slims grin was as wide as the track.

Mike had done a few runs, it was now time to test the nos, which doc had helped fit.

As mike was going up to the start line, the nipple came off the clutch cable, so it was game over.

It was now 5pm and time to pack and go home. We said our goodbyes and set off in the rain.

What a top day, thanks to everyone.

Since the sprint, Henry has been stripped down, and work has started to get it ready for a full season in SuperTwins Street ET. Look out for SET 284.

Regards, Leso

15/10/2010: Extreme Performance Bike Weekend Santa Pod Raceway Pictures

I raced at this event, on my first two runs, on the Saturday, Blackett photography took some photos and slow motion movie footage. I have watched so many times, I think its mind blowing.

Heree are the movies to show you all, and also attached to this news story are a few photos to look over.

20/09/2010: 2011 Calendars

We have not made any Les Harris Racing calenders for 2011, due to a chain of events that have happened this year.

When we first started doing these calenders, we were only going to do them for three years, but due to demand and the success they had, they carryed on for seven years, which is not a bad run.

We are very sorry if you were looking forward to yet another one, your just going to have to wait until I bring out my book (which I have been planning for eight years).

Regards, Leso - STG1

11/07/2010: NAST Team Scrapheap Challenge Episode Rescheduled

As per usual, Channel 4 decided to reschedule the broadcasting of the Scrapheap Challenge in which the NAST team were partaking.

We have no new information as to when this will be broadcast instead. We will try to update you if we find out before the episode then airs.

11/07/2010: Digital Video Runs Now On Youtube

As you can see from the above embedded video, we have uploaded some of the recordings of our drag race runs up the track, and now you can watch them anytime from our accounts listings in youtube.

24/05/2010: Round 2 Articles on SuperTwins

We have some new articles up on the SuperTwins website, the write ups from Round 2.

Also, don't forget to get your forms in for the next rounds soon!

24/05/2010: SCR Round 2

We have been very fortunate this season (so far) to be running 1.3s 60fts, even a 1.28s which we were all very very pleased about, TC expecially.

With comments such as "well he is my rubber man" thats all well and good until you break traction. We were up against Motty in the semi's my race head was fully on, going for a holeshot (well its worked before) we did a good burn out, Tim confurmed the tire was at the correct temp, we only got about 10ft out, when the slick broke loose in a very big way sending me side ways towards the centre line, it was just like riding on ice!! I remember thinking don?t cross the centre line or your out, which I didn?t. I found grip and another gear, only to look up and see, that Motty was going to be uncatchable, so an early bath for me, and a very big scare for my crew.

We have attached some pictures of this from the weekend, and a short animation showing those which show this happening pieced together.

Regards, Leso

13/05/2010: Important: This weekends Tickets!

There is an important announcement regarding this weekends tickets on the SuperTwins Website.

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